Rapid Processing & Display Software

SDL’s Slingshot software enables rapid, integrated development of a customized screener using standard interfaces. Slingshot incorporates a 3D globe and displays maps, aircraft position, beam footprint, etc. for situational awareness. Using Slingshot, users can filter what is being shown in the layers tree from the database; show and hide map, mission, image, or cue layers; and view mission information. Slingshot shows footprints for each image collection and enables users to select specific regions to process within each individual footprint.

  • User-friendly design, one-window display with dockable panels
  • Real-time geo-rectification and correlation of imagery
    • Dynamic caching enables scaling up to any size focal plane array or to wide fields of view while keeping up with full data rates
    • Seamless resolution enables set loading as the operator zooms in and out
  • Ability to receive data directly from surveillance sensors, compress it, store it locally, and send it through an attached data link, if present
  • Ability to perform post-processing of raw SAR data from the database