Sensor Mission Coordination

SDL and the Naval Research Laboratory have developed a mission management open architecture specifically for autonomous unmanned aerial systems (UAS). SIGMA’s embedded architecture is adaptable to a variety of DoD missions and enables UAS to accomplish a mission without human intervention.

SIGMA reduces user interaction, lowers operation costs, and increases detection probability.

SIGMA has proven flight heritage and has demonstrated multi-faceted autonomous cross-cueing from multiple airborne platforms.


  • Autonomous mission coordination
  • Command, control, and data processing for multiple sensors
  • Cross-platform air/ground autonomous sensor teaming
  • Correlation/fusion of targets for disparate sensors
  • Dynamic mission tasking including operator oversight and control
  • Supports throttled data links and disadvantaged users
  • Government-owned SIGMA code base
  • Multi-platform, real-time, dynamic operation
  • High fidelity Position, Navigation, and Time (PNT) distribution