Sky Lynx

Common Data Link (CDL) Interface Box

Sky Lynx is SDL’s next-generation sensor data receiving, routing, and simulating hardware. Where CIB (CDL Interface Box), its predecessor, was designed for receiving and processing CDL data Sky Lynx implements additional interfaces for expanded capabilities. Sky Lynx is currently supporting CDL sensors Global Hawk and ATARS, and ATM sensors ASARS-2A and SYERS-2B/2C. Sky Lynx simulation capabilities enable ground station operators to simulate real sensor flights through sensor data generation (or playback) for mission training exercises. Its diagnostic capabilities also facilitate the maintenance and troubleshooting of ground stations. The Sky Lynx G3 currently in development includes capability for higher data transmission rates and sensor types.

  • Receives, synchronizes, routes, and simulates various types of sensor data
  • Multiple interfaces
    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
    • Eleven simultaneous CDL data channels
    • Four ATM channels
    • RS-232
    • USB
  • Data can be viewed through a ground station running SDL’s VANTAGE™ software or another compatible image screening software package
  • Data streams can be saved to internal storage and replayed later
  • Facilitates maintaining and troubleshooting ground stations
  • Includes removable hard drives