Thermal Straps

Thermal straps efficiently transfer heat from a heat source to a temperature sink while minimizing transfer of mechanical loads. SDL has been pioneering solderless flexible thermal straps (a.k.a. thermal links) since 1994.

Our dedicated thermal strap experts work closely with you to meet your specific needs, including complex end-block and foil/braid geometry, gold/nickel coating, MLI blanketing, tight schedules, large quantities, and demanding quality assurance requirements.

Our affordable solutions provide high performance and eliminate joining materials that can wick into foil/braid and cause contamination control and service life issues.


  • Uses an inherently clean fabrication process with no fillers, fluxes, etc.
  • Has a high degree of mechanical flexibility
  • Conducts heat with minimal temperature loss
  • Minimizes weight
  • Protects fragile components
  • Adapts easily to new design parameters
  • TRL-9

Strap Specifications

Conductance 0.005 – 10W/K
Stiffness <1 N/mm all axes, typ.
Mass 5g – 10kg
Material Copper, aluminum, PGS, etc.
Type Foil or braid
Transfer Lengths 2mm – 2m