Ground Terminal Control Software

Even the most advanced flight vehicles require a comprehensive ground approach. SDL develops flight-proven, user-friendly ground terminal control software that provides secure, coordinated communication between spacecraft and ground systems, minimizing the manpower and expense of supporting a large number of missions simultaneously. Through a simple client interface, operators can easily uplink commands and obtain telemetry data without the need to understand the underlying complexity of the ground network. The flexible and extensible software design supports the addition of new hardware and ground systems to active ground networks, supports additional ground networks, and can leverage multiple ground networks simultaneously.


Mission Management

  • Ground resource management
  • Secure/classified cloud configuration & management
  • Modular, distributed software design with NIST 800-53 compliant code analysis & reporting
  • Unlimited rights to Government with no licensing fees

End-to-End Integration

  • Ground hardware integration & control
  • MC3, KSAT, AWS ground network compatibility
  • Front-end processor design & integration
  • Hardware/software encryption & data encapsulation integration

Software-Defined Radio (SDR)

  • SDR development; commercial & open-source SDR integration
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU) parallelization
  • Over-the-air radio frequency (RF) testing
  • Multi-band frequency operations, multiple waveforms & software Doppler adjustment & testing


Various DoD Programs