Flight Software

Flight command and data handling software is vital to space vehicle operations. SDL’s experienced team specializes in creating modular open system software. SDL has developed frameworks for satellite software that can be customized or adapted with a relatively short turnaround. SDL’s processes and solutions are Government-owned, adaptable, spaceflight certified, and follow Government-mandated processes.


Radiant is SDL’s fully reusable core flight software solution. For compatibility with various architectures and systems, SDL developed Radiant without ties to specific hardware platforms. Radiant’s modular architecture enables users to easily interface with mission-specific applications, hardware, and ground test equipment without core code modification. Tasks often hard-coded, such as telemetry aggregation, health monitoring, mode transitions, system states, and memory protection, are all driven through XML configuration files. Relying on configuration rather than coded logic decreases development time while increasing flexibility on orbit.


  • Modular, flexible architecture enables reusability & minimizes development costs
  • No ties to specific hardware components
  • Seamless interfacing without code modification
  • XML-defined messaging for universal compatibility
  • ISO-9001 registered QMS software development procedures



Hyper-Angular Rainbow Polarimeter

The HARP instrument is a wide field-of-view hyper-angular imaging polarimeter designed to characterize aerosol and cloud properties.


Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere Solar Occultation for Ice Experiment

SOFIE is one of three instruments aboard the Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) satellite. AIM’s objective is to study polar mesospheric clouds and the environment in which they form.