Processing & Display Software

VANTAGE™ is SDL’s leading tactical imagery exploitation software suite. VANTAGE™ has been developed in collaboration with the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) over the past two decades and is free for government use. This field‐proven application, which is deployed operationally to hundreds of systems, displays digital imagery and multi-INT data from various tactical reconnaissance sensors and includes simultaneous support for multiple sensor types. VANTAGE™ enables real‐ and near real‐time screening of sensor data from a live data link, solid state recorder, DVD/CD, or local disk. In addition, VANTAGE™ provides a full featured database that can be used to quickly find imagery based on an area (or point) of interest, a time query, or sensor type.

  • Receive, decompress, compress, process, display, evaluate, exploit, and store imagery data
  • Create and disseminate processed image products
  • Support for multiple sensor types

VANTAGE™ software suite includes:

VANTAGE™ ViewPoint

  • Rapid display and exploitation of tactical imagery and GMTI data
  • Geo-referenced digital tactical imagery in a robust, near real-time waterfall of decimated imagery
  • On-demand display of full-resolution imagery with exploitation tools
  • Display and exploitation of Full Motion Video (FMV)


  • Ground station configuration for device interface management (solid‐state recorders, CDL interface, STANAG 4575, Ethernet feeds, etc.)
  • Sensor interfacing/processing
  • NITF image formation
  • Database management
  • Multiple protocols to disseminate data
  • Compatible with the DCGS Integrated Backbone (DIB)


  • Data link interfacing and simulation (SDL’s Sky Lynx data link)
  • Enables operators to load and play simulation CDL files, select CDL data rates, select bit error rates, perform Built‐In Test (BIT), and view advanced CDL statistics


  • Map-based database access and display of multi-INT data via a standard web browser
  • Ability to create and display mission targets
  • Display of live mission data and aircraft position
  • Full NITF header information
  • Products can be published to the DCGS Integrated Backbone (DIB)