Modular Avionics System

SDL’s MODAS is designed using flexible avionics architecture and can be configured by selecting any combination of available functional modules to meet a variety of space system requirements.

MODAS has flight heritage on DoD missions.

The PCI-104 form factor does not have a backplane circuit board, enabling the structure size to adapt with the number of modules required for the mission.

A breakthrough in reusable avionics electronic systems, it was designed to meet PCI-104 industry standards and excel in harsh environments for LEO, GEO, and deep space applications.

  • Processing modules
    • CPU (C&DH)
    • Bus and payload interfaces
  • Payload and sensor interface modules
    • Camera FrameGrabber
    • Digital and serial I/O
    • Payload interface
    • Temperature controller
  • Electrical power system
    • Peak power tracking controller board
    • Batteries
    • Solar arrays