Cybersecurity Solutions

For programs of national importance, risk management is mandatory for our national security and prosperity. In recent years, the increased threat of cyberattacks has elevated the need for robust cybersecurity solutions.

SDL’s threat and vulnerability assessment-focused approach enables resilient solutions that are both effective in cyberspace and compliant with applicable industry standards and government regulations.

SDL provides research and development services across the cyber spectrum with an emphasis on complete system cyber resilience. These services range from hardening legacy systems to developing new systems that incorporate the latest in cyber technology.

SDL’s experience with systems security engineering includes successful development and execution of strategies and solutions for attack surface mapping, network awareness, penetration testing, intrusion detection/prevention, and cyber exercise execution.


  • SDL’s Cyber Engineering Process
    • Security-focused development process
    • Fully inspected, tested & documented
    • Compliant with industry standards & government regulations (Risk Management Framework)
  • Cyber exercise execution
  • Network analysis